King Steady Beat


Started Djing in backyard parties in 1983 with DJ Sky, before hip hop was hip hop, it was called electro boogie, ended up spinning high energy and "New Wave" in 87 and moved to house music in 88, discovered the Manchester scene in '89, I went Shoegazer, then started up in back yard parties with an outfit called the Blackpool in So. cal. in 1992, the ska period. Started producing shows in 1993 @ The Hong Kong cafe in China Town, introduced fresh new Ska acts such as YESKA, SEESPOT, OCEAN 11, Mobtown, King Willy.
I started Steady Beat Recordings in 1993 to produce some of the great bands that had no music out at the time. I produces various Records and Cd's. took a break in 2003 because the "scene" was dying, Chris Murray took over the Ska torch and started the Blue Beat lounge. I came back like a phoenix from the ashes in 2008. and I'm back with a vengeance.