Jevin Lamar



Born August 4, 1994 in Dayton, Ohio. Ever since he could remember he loved music. His family often reminds him how he was singing at six months,There always was a passion for music with him. He grew up listening to Ja Rule, Rick Ross and Tupac. His biggest inspiration is his younger brothers and sisters. Jevin, had a tough life growing up he would grab a note book and write the pain away. He got his big break when he meet investigative news reporter/Author Greg Palast on Thanksgiving Day in 2015. Jevin was working as a server at a burger joint, when he came across Palast he knew Jevin was a star in the making. months went by then, Palast contacted Jevin, And gave him a Job as an assistant producer of the film "The Best Democracy money can buy"Which became sold out two weeks straight in LA theaters. Jevin is now living in Los Angeles California chasing his dreams to become an historic music figure. "Take this musical journey with me" Jevin Lamar