David Alberto Holguin

Spanish Guitar/Flamenco

My name is David Alberto Holguin. I was born in Medellin, Colombia on August 14 1991. At age 2, my mother and I traveled to Los Angeles and settled down in the North East. At age 16 I began a novice in guitar music. At 18 I attended Pasadena City College and learned a Variety of fields all sharing one single component which is Entertainment. I am an actor, writer, musician, salesman but most of all I am an Educator.
At 16 years old I began studying with Maestro Raul Martinez over at Ramona Hall at the Sycamore Grove Park Recreation Center. At age 19 I studied Under Maestro Kai Narezo at Pasadena City College. 
Since then I have dedicated 7 strong years of diligent practice and determination to learn all that I can and thus share the knowledge with novice guitar players.

I just finished touring in Memphis, Tennessee playing at a variety of different venues from Old Folks Homes, Farmers Markets, high-end galleries restaurants and special musical venues that promote the arts and education. In May, I had an Opportunity to participate in the famous Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis. 

I am currently living in Los Angeles Studying under scholarship at the Herb Alpert music Conservatory located at Los Angeles City College. I play every weekend at private events, Art walks, and Farmers Markets strumming away emotion through musical sounds.